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From 599.000 trees planted, 300.000 trees of klasikbeans reforestation programe are 10 years old, mean we are absorbing 6.600 tons CO2/year.


Thank you to all farmers, volunteers,

conservationist, partners & coffee lovers who work side by side with birds, bees, primates, insects, bacterias, winds & rains to restore and protect forest.


As for your information, after years of Agroforestry, May 2019 klasikbeans started a small regenerative garden names @cagarpangan . To provide a place for study relationship between human health, bio diversity & diet variation. As well as provide a play ground for children, especially girls to learn local food material that can improve nutrition which is important for the development of their brains & bodies. Amazingly, all voluntary teachers here ( @sekolahalam_cagarpangan ) wrap the activities with cultural event - such as theatrical performance every year.


02 April 2020, klasik beans delegates Refore

station and Regeneration only to @tanahairsemesta . To continue reforestation spirits and start regenerative movement by motivate younger kids to learn and play . Introduce native trees and indigenous culture.


I can imagine how grateful we are.

May nature bless all of us.

May nature bless all of you who loves nature and preserve forest.


Picture above is new activities at mount Sanggabuana (20-27.11.2022) Cibareno river, we planted 10.000 trees together with local (aleutan cibareno). May all the trees grow well and preserve forest on location.


Thank you. Haturnuhun. Matursuwun.Mauliate. Berijin. Suksema.







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