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Do little things sincerely

Klasik Beans was initially founded to respond to forest repurposing on Mount Puntang, Kabupaten Bandung, West Java. Forest exploitation done by the community due to inadequate sustainable farming knowledge in 1999 has caused tens of hectares of forest cut down and repurposed to vegetable farms. Extremely low vegetable commodity price, added to the lack of price transparency between farmers and sellers hidden by middlemen, caused farmers to remain on the logic of farm enlargements.

Our Story

As Indonesia was struck by the Monetary Crisis, decreasing people's purchasing power and caused debt payment failures, farmers by the end of 1999 was forced to abandon the then recently cleared forests, leaving them neglected. It is this worry over environmental issues and land repurposing which continually erodes on the local ecosystem that pushed us to take action. Vegetable farms which continually exploited forests through open field farming system were also overcome by providing a more eco-friendly and sustainable farming commodity.

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